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a grounding ritual

three gems by james turrell at de young museum in san francisco

i was having difficulty sleeping. i was researching things at night that i shouldn’t, and the result was that i was still up at 1 (which is very late and very unusual for me) and unable to settle my mind. i think this is a common problem now. on the third evening after two bad nights, i was nibbling on a piece of chocolate and casually picked up the january edition of ‘poetry’. the shift i felt in perspective was immediate. the poems realigned time in the way a chiropractor realigns spines. reading poetry aloud is my most grounding ritual. give it a try! here’s my recommendation for today, on the occasion of the new moon in aries:

Sometimes the Moon Sat in the Well at Night 
by Marie Howe (from The Kingdom of Ordinary Time)

Sometimes the moon sat in the well at night.
And when I stirred it with a stick it broke.
If I kept stirring it swirled like white
water, as if water were light, and the stick
a wand that made the light follow, then slow
into water again, un-wobbling, until the wind moved it.

And I thought of all the moons

floating in the wells and rivers, spilling
over rocks where the water broke: moons
in the sheep water, the chicken water,
Or here or there an oar bent it, or a woman
spread out her skirt and let it pool there —
the light I mean, not the moon in a circle, not
the moon itself, but the light that fell from it.