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eyes and ears v1

I didn’t really know what to call this post (which will be part of an ongoing series), so I just picked something rather than get hung up on it… This series is about what’s been inspiring me this week. It could be anything, but this time it’s music and some artwork I found via Pinterest…


I’m currently adoring this new album of Alfred Schnittke’s Complete Piano Music performed by Simon Smith. Q2 provides a nice overview of it, and they’re currently streaming it online.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, and I have to say it has been a wonderful source of inspiration and knowledge for me over the past year. I pin a number of images each week, but there are always a few that stay with me and I would like to highlight them here.

‘God’s Prototype: The Nature of Man: Lungs’ (2002; sticks, stones, graphite and gesso on wood) by Ian Crawley


Wire drawings of seeds by Steven Follen


‘Dancing with dots on thin lines’ (2013) by Leise Dich Abrahamsen


Self (1975-76) by Annegret Soltau


Folding by Eli Craven

What images or sounds have captured you lately?