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when it comes to healing and self-care practices, i believe it is important to choose materials that are from my own heritage and not culturally appropriative.* rosemary originates from the mediterranean areas of southern europe to western asia, which is where my ancestors are from. maybe yours are, too! but even if they are not, rosemary is grown so widely throughout the world that it is likely your ancestors had some interaction with this herb. i prefer growing or foraging my own herbs, and i harvested these branches from my mother's garden and from my workplace.

rosemary is used for protection, purification, love, happiness, and memory. it also smells amazing. each bundle is ~8-9 inches long. price is for one bundle.

*two of the most common materials used for smoke cleansing (often referred to as "smudging," though that is a term specific to some indigenous peoples in the americas) are white sage and palo santo. because of their popularity, they are being over-harvested and it is difficult to obtain ethically sourced samples. many of the samples you find in local shops are wrapped in plastic and transported over great distances. both of these materials are used ceremonially by marginalized peoples indigenous to the americas. since i am not part of those people groups and i do not want to perpetrate harm, it is fortunate that there are many wonderful alternatives available.

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