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this tincture is a concentrated herbal extract made by soaking the leaves of variegated cuban oregano (grown in my garden) in vodka. this is a 1:2 tincture, meaning i used one part plant to two parts alcohol, though i did so using the folk method (aka eyeballing). it was steeped for eight weeks before bottling in july 2020. it was not steeped in accordance with the moon phase, but it did spend the night under the light of the september 2020 full moon. this tincture will have a shelf-life of many years. each glass dropper bottle contains one ounce of tincture.

despite its common name, cuban oregano is not oregano, but its flavor (due to a high concentrations of carvacrol and thymol) is similar to oregano, thyme, and even mint. it may be used medicinally (like thyme and regular oregano, it calms the nervous system), in cooking or drinks to add flavor, etc. as with anything going into your body, you should do your own research and be fully informed.

there is some disagreement regarding where cuban oregano originates. whether it is from southeast asia and was brought to southern and eastern africa or vice versa, this herb has a long history in both regions. this would be a supportive herb to use in ancestral work if you have ancestors originating from either of those regions.

note: alcohol-based tinctures have an incredible shelf-life and potency, but it is possible for remove the alcohol before consumption. feel free to contact me for more info.

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