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Many things have happened since my last post (in September of last year!). Perhaps the most significant change is that I am now spending more time in the ceramics studio. Now I’m there every Friday for most of the day, plus every other Wednesday evening for 3-4 hours. I go no matter how I’m feeling or what kind of day I’m having, and I never regret it. This last time I glazed two pieces and wedged a bit of clay so that it is useable again. And that’s it.

Actually, that’s not it. My teacher/mentor and I spent some time talking about an exhibition submission we’re preparing. We edited our project idea and divided the prep tasks so that we can get all the paperwork in today. I’ll be thrilled if they accept the project, because I’ve really been wanting to make a larger sculptural work with wire, but since I have limited space in my apartment I really needed a reason to do so. The exhibition is called the KM of Sculpture, and it’s a month-long, outdoor sculpture event.

I created a Project board on Pinterest, so you can track my thinking about the project over the course of the last month or so. Click here to check it out. In the end, we’re proposing something quite different, but I always think it’s interesting to see how projects develop, plus these ideas related to change and metamorphosis are still fascinating to me.

That aside, I’ve been listening to the new album by Screaming Females a lot. Like constant rotation. Click here to listen on Spotify.

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