fade theory is the web home of rachel kinbar — I’m an artist, writer, thinker, mother. Clay is my primary medium, and my ceramic work explores the ability of organic matter to transmit energy and trigger a quiet emotional response. I use texture and form to evoke surprise and delight. The resulting sculptures are intended to be touched, held, experienced. I find a lot of beauty and inspiration in the raw, the imperfect, the crude, the chaotic.


Social profile links are in the footer (hint: I’m most ‘active’ on Instagram), but I’d especially love to hear from you via email at theorist@fadetheory.com.

Note: fade theory was originally a blog about books and publishing and reading and book art (2005-2010) and then a sporadically updated blog (2010-2013). Unfortunately, the archive was mostly lost due to a hosting/server problem in early 2014, so I opted for a fresh start…