Month: July 2014

eyes and ears v2

It’s been three months since I posted v1 of eyes and ears. And three months since any progress reports. But a lot has happened in that time — I definitely haven’t been lazy! First, I moved. Then I became very busy with (paid) work. Then I signed an employment contract (I’m still doing some freelance work, but considering I was only freelancing for over seven years, this is a BIG change). Then I spent a week in Vilnius with Jonas. Then I had the joy of dealing with a lice infestation. My first real holiday in many, many years started this evening, and my mother arrives for a visit on Tuesday (it’s been four years since she last visited me in Estonia and 1.5 years since we last saw each other at all). I’ve also completed a number of sketches and ceramic works (progress reports to come).

Well, anyway. Below is some inspiring art I discovered recently and keep going back to. It amazes me to gather these images and see what a coherent grouping they form together. I clearly have an interest in texture and in single/unified subjects.

From the Interstices textile series by Eleanor Anderson


Column of Akule (2006; photography) by Wayne Levin


Untitled (1977; black chalk on wove paper) by Martin Puryear


From the Abstraction series by Satsuki Shibuya


Symbol / manipulation (2009; mixed media painting) by Tomasa Martin


BALL/BOWL (1985; paper bowl with handmade string) by Kay Sekimachi


Study 133 (stainless steel wire and asphaltum) by Anne Mudge


Original Abstract. 7 (2010; watercolor, ink, pencil, string) by Stacey Rees